Wi-Fi Flaw Puts Millions of People at Risk


A recent discovery unveiled that a significant amount of Wi-Fi networks may have just been compromised. With exception of the few Wi-Fi networks using WEP or unsecured networks, most households and workplaces are currently WPA 2 Standard and the findings released claim that all networks using it can be infiltrated.



US Cert put out the warning that if you are using WPA 2 standards, you are most likely compromised as the issue is affecting almost everyone who has a router. That old router sitting in the living room could cause you more problems than you’ll ever know.

At this moment in time a research team being led by Mathy Vanhoef is trying to gather more data on the issue and are yet to release information about how someone would commit such an attack and how it would be launched as this would simply cause more hacking. At this moment in time, it is not clear whether or not this exploit is being used maliciously, but what we do need to know is what will the networks do to ensure our online safety. What we know so far:

  • Update your devices as soon as possible, this will break the chain.
  • It does not store passwords
  • It can only be done locally
  • The hacker doesn’t need to be logged into your network.