You Can Now Find Your Car With Google Maps

Have you ever wandered around car parks looking for your car? Well you’re not alone, it’s something we all do. Fortunately, Google has our backs on this one.

The smart people at Google have realised that this problem is all too common. So the beta version of the latest Google maps can do all the hard work and remember where you left your car. Pretty nifty eh?

All you have to do is tap the blue dot and choose the ‘Save your parking’ option. The only catch is that you’ve got to be signed into Google maps for it to come up, and at the moment it’s only available on Android OS.

Google Maps


You can also add notes, like the floor you’re parked on, or the zone you’re parked in. You can even add photos. It may sound tedious, but if it saved you wandering around aimlessly then it might be worth the effort.