Samsung Mocks iPhone X Fans In Latest Advertisement

In recent years, Samsung has been known for directing jokes at Apple and its users but there was a quiet time in which they left them alone after the many court cases they filed against each other, but in the new commercials for the Samsung S8 show that they just can’t resist the urge to mock iPhone X.

In this new commercial, the Samsung vs Apple wars conflicts are highlighted and shows the key features which allow Samsung to prove dominant over the iPhones creations. The first conflict identified the fact that the iPhone has a much lower memory capacity than their devices due to Apples use of 16GB of storage on the phones it releases. The next dig it takes at Apple is based in 2013 with Samsung showing its Galaxy Note 3 which sported a 5.5-inch display against the 4-inch used on the iPhone 5s. The commercial then begins to show the modern battles with Apple such as the waterproof Samsung’s being used in water while the iPhone is spotted being soaked in a bowl of rice and then finally they targeted the new iPhone Dongle which is an accessory created to charge and listen to music at the same time, ridiculous right?

Why should someone have to pay to use a basic feature, In my opinion the jokes directed at Apple are hilarious and perfectly justified as it speaks the truth, how do you feel about the mocking? View the advert yourself below!


iPhone 8 Battery Bloating

In the past week, there has been numerous reports of the new iPhone’s (8 & 8s) batteries inflating and splitting the phone open and rendering it useless. Apple have not yet made a official statement on the issue, however sources have said that they are beginning very serious investigations in to these reports.

CNET and TechCrunch have conducted tests to identify what is causing the problem and how many devices are affected, the numbers came back very low – less than 10 occurrences throughout the 5 countries which the research was carried out.

Even though the phones are splitting open, it’s still not as dangerous as the Samsung explosion issues from a few years ago, with zero cases of the iPhone exploding. Will you still be purchasing one of the new iPhones?

Hackers Threaten To Wipe Millions Of iPhones

Apparently a group of hackers are trying to extort money from Apple. They are demanding a huge ransom for a large amount of icloud and email accounts.

In other words the hackers are threatening to wipe over 300,000 iPhones data if Apple don’t pay £60,000 in Bitcoin, or bizarrely £80,000 worth of iTunes gift cards.

iPhone Hackers

The hackers, known as the Turkish Crime Family, are threatening to reset a number of the iCloud accounts and remotely destroy data from a number of Apple devices on April 7th unless Apple pay up.

The group claims to have access to millions of users accounts. Apparently one persons account has been hacked and a personal video leaked onto YouTube as proof of their capabilities and the commitment to their threat.


One of the hackers has apparently told a source:

I just want my money and thought this would be an interesting report that a lot of Apple customers would be interested in reading and hearing.

At this stage it is hard to tell whether there is actual proof regarding if the Turkish Crime Family can or will do what they are threatening.

If you’re an iPhone owner, it maybe worth taking a backup just in case.

Here’s Why I didn’t Buy Another Apple iPhone

From iPhone Lover To….

OK, so I’ve been an iPhone lover for some years now, I loved the fact that they were an intuitive, reliable, robust piece of modern tech, encased in a sleek and sexy, minimalist design.

I do feel however, that in recent times, Apple seem to have lost their way a little bit. Let me expand on that – the new range of iPhone designs are a little uninspiring, major design updates are further apart, not to mention the reliability and quality we’ve come to expect from Apple generally, appears to have taken a hit somewhere along the lines, and there is an overall lack of pretty much anything exciting on the Apple front.




Aside from the above, the actual ownership of an iPhone has also become a less enjoyable experience. The excessive amount of control Apple has over your iPhone (an example being the amount of mandatory apps pre-installed by Apple, that you then cannot remove, twinned with the fact that you cannot expand the phones memory), the terrible battery life and the frequency of iOS updates (and even the excessive notifications to update), to name a few.

My own iPhone 5s recently started to fail, battery life got to the stage where it was almost unusable, making calls whilst on the move would drop out every few miles and the touchscreen was playing up.

So after accepting Apple was no longer for me I decided to check out the market and see what else was available. If we imagine the phone market as a horse race, then it’s fair to assume that up at the front is Apple, hot on its heels is Samsung, then you have Sony, HTC, LG somewhere in the middle, all the while Microsoft is still at the starting post, trying to mount the retired race horse it acquired from Nokia. Nokia is currently on a beach somewhere, sipping margaritas, and laughing to itself about Microsoft. Sorry I digress.




Back to the story, I perform the usual analysis by checking out comparison sites, reviews and videos. The only conclusion I arrive at is that the iPhone is still not a good choice and that the other options all seem to be somewhere in the middle, with Samsung looking like the most attractive option.

Then, suddenly, I noticed something on this metaphorical race track, a dark horse, something overlooked by nearly everyone, that has literally flown through the first gate, straight past Sony HTC and LG and is up there with Apple & Samsung. This racer is known as Huawei.

WHO? I hear you ask. Allow me to enlighten you.

Whilst you might not have heard of Huawei, you have more than likely seen, used or owned something they have made at some point.

Huawei are in fact (read the rest of this sentence in Jeremy Clarkson’s voice for full effect) the largest telecommunications provider, in the world.

They have been sat back making components for other phone manufacturers, for many years now. During this time, they have gained a wealth of industry relevant information. They’ve been dealing with issues brought to them by so many other manufacturers, which pretty much makes them the “Oracle” of the phone industry.

Obviously someone at Huawei has realised this and had a brainwave.

They’ve recently launched their own line of phones and more specifically, I decided to take a look at the P9.




It’s sleek, sexy and beautifully crafted, it’s blazing fast, the “Leica” dual camera with aperture function is so unique and produces some of the best photos I’ve ever seen from a phone. Further to this, if you register the “HiCare” app, it comes with a 3 year warranty, 3 months screen replacement (even accidental damage), and 3 months product replacement, so if the product develops any fault within the first 3 months, they’ll just straight swap it for you.

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of android, it has all the apps you’re familiar with and you can even download 3rd party applications without the need to go through the official (Google Play) store.

I’m pleased to say, I’ve had the phone for a few weeks now and I’m really happy with it. I have much stronger phone signal everywhere, calls never drop out, but most of all, it just works.

DISCLAIMER: I’m in no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned above, and the views expressed are that of my opinion only.