Samsung Mocks iPhone X Fans In Latest Advertisement

In recent years, Samsung has been known for directing jokes at Apple and its users but there was a quiet time in which they left them alone after the many court cases they filed against each other, but in the new commercials for the Samsung S8 show that they just can’t resist the urge to mock iPhone X.

In this new commercial, the Samsung vs Apple wars conflicts are highlighted and shows the key features which allow Samsung to prove dominant over the iPhones creations. The first conflict identified the fact that the iPhone has a much lower memory capacity than their devices due to Apples use of 16GB of storage on the phones it releases. The next dig it takes at Apple is based in 2013 with Samsung showing its Galaxy Note 3 which sported a 5.5-inch display against the 4-inch used on the iPhone 5s. The commercial then begins to show the modern battles with Apple such as the waterproof Samsung’s being used in water while the iPhone is spotted being soaked in a bowl of rice and then finally they targeted the new iPhone Dongle which is an accessory created to charge and listen to music at the same time, ridiculous right?

Why should someone have to pay to use a basic feature, In my opinion the jokes directed at Apple are hilarious and perfectly justified as it speaks the truth, how do you feel about the mocking? View the advert yourself below!


Apple Engineer Dismissed After Daughters iPhone X Video Goes Viral

An Apple engineer has reportedly lost his job due to a video posted by his daughter while visiting the Apple Campus of the unreleased iPhone X went viral on YouTube, people soon realised that her vlog included her playing around with the phone, this then caused it to attract thousands of people and even led to the video being picked up by popular apple related sites such as 9to5Mac which allowed the video to spread to more people at a much faster rate.

The video has been followed up by a video in which she states that her father has been released by Apple because of her posting the video online, the dismissal is down to an Apple policy which prohibits the filming of products before an official release, he wasn’t the one who filmed it, but because he allowed her access to the phone and allowed her to film it leaves him to blame for the issue. Apple reportedly requested that the video be taken down but it was too late as it had already been re-uploaded by many YouTube channels and news outlets.

You may feel like Apple are being harsh by letting the employee go, but not only did she show the phones exterior but also went through the phone and exposed employee only QR codes which are used to access certain things within the phone, along with the notes app which showed code names for future apple products which could lead to the compromise of some future projects.

With filming in general being strictly prohibited on the Apple Campus, the filming of an unreleased iPhone will probably be a huge violation of the rules, so very understandable that he was let go, Do you feel like this was a justified dismissal?

Apple Have Announced A RED Limited Edition iPhone

Apple continues to drop product after product to its device line up, one of those products includes a new red iPhonw 7 and 7 plus. The devices are expected to cost around £700. There is also a new 9.7″ iPad set to cost around £340.

Further to this Apple has also announced a new video editing application, Clips, which will be available for FREE from April.

Back to the special edition iPhone, released in partnership with Red, is available in stores now.

The limited edition iPhone will feature a stainless steel Apple logo and will be available in 128GB and 256GB versions.

Apple has said that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released in a red aluminium finish “to mark 10 years of partnership between Apple and the ethical consumer brand (Red)”

Red was originally setup by U2’s front-man Bono and Bobby Shriver. The brand donates funding to worthwhile causes such as The Global Fund To Fight AIDS.


Red iPhone 7


Tim Cook – Apple’s CEO has said “Since we began working with Red 10 years ago, our customers have made a significant impact in fighting the spread of AIDS through the purchase of our products”

“The introduction of this limited edition iPhone in a gorgeous red finish is our biggest offering to date in celebration of our partnership with Red and we can’t wait to get it into our customers hands.”

Microsoft Surface Dial Vs The Apple Touch Bar, Who Wins?

Microsoft Versus Apple…Again

Microsoft & Apple have both recently introduced some changes in their technology line up, Microsoft has brought us the Surface Dial, and Apple has introduced their clever Touch Bar.


So what exactly are they?

The Surface Dial is a puck shaped, Bluetooth enabled device that drops on top of a variety of Microsoft Surface touchscreen products and brings up a range of options, depending on the application. I could try to explain the technicalities but I think Microsoft’s ad’s do a much better job. The video below is an overview of the Surface products, but the Dial is visible from around 1:04.




The Apple Touch Bar is an integrated accessory that is available on the latest models of the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pros.

Like the Surface Dial it’s functions can change depending on the application that you’re using. Some developers have dug deep into the Touch Bar code and found that it is basically an adapted Apple Watch system, allowing you to drop in emojis or select sections of a video clip. Again there are a lot of cool features, but I’ll let the video do the talking.




Surface Dial Vs Touch Bar

In fairness to Microsoft & Apple, we really like both products and are confident they will appeal to many users over the coming years.

The Surface Dial, being an external accessory seems to be more flexible and looks to have more potential, and we believe it could be a real game changer in how people use their computers, and look forward to see how it shapes the future of computing.

The Touch Bar is a little bit less exciting but offers a lot of great functionality to the average Macbook user. The idea doesn’t feel as innovative as the Dial, but being a more conventional idea means that it will probably be more useful in the applications you use day to day for now.


The Latest News On The Apple Watch 2

The iWatch 2 Low Down

Despite whispers that Apple may unveil a smartwatch sequel at its recent WWDC event in San Francisco, the only concrete wearable news from the conference was the unveiling of watchOS 3 – the updated smartwatch platform that will hit devices in the fall.

However, that hasn’t stopped the Apple Watch 2 rumour mill from spinning, with fuel being added to the fire by way of some interesting new patents that have turned up.

In particular, a patent that details the potential use of camera(s) in future Apple Watch models. “The camera can be disposed on the front surface of Apple Watch face to capture images of the user,” reads the patent uncovered by Patently Apple.

“A compact digital camera that includes an image sensor such as a CMOS sensor and optical components (e.g. lenses) arranged to focus an image onto the image sensor, along with control logic operable to use the imaging components to capture and store still and/or video images.”

We’ve seen cameras on smartwatches before, of course – Samsung has included them on its Gear range – but the original Apple Watch lacked the lenses required to take snaps or do FaceTime video calling.


Back in June, reports suggested that Apple was planning on adding a FaceTime camera to the Apple Watch 2, along with new tether-less functionality. Those murmurs claimed a HD camera would be added to the bezel on the front of the device, allowing Watch wearers to video conference with one another.

This patent backs up that suggestion, while at the same time detailing potential improvements to the Digital Crown controller.

For future Watch models patents suggest that the Crown could be touch-sensitive using capacitive touch technologies that can received pressurized inputs, while at the same time move in one or more directions to offer multiple gesture-based control methods.

The patent also reveals that two more buttons, also with capacitive skills, could hit the left hand side of the bezel.

A more useful feature being touted for the Apple Watch sequel, not detailed anywhere in these newly uncovered patents, is extra tether-less functionality.

It’s rumored that features such as emails, texts, and app updates could be hitting the Apple Watch 2 without the need of an iPhone to transmit the data. This, apparently, is the result of a new Wi-Fi enabled chipset, which will also power a ‘find my watch’ feature.

CREDIT: Forbes