How to get on page 1 of Google

SEO? – but aren’t you an IT company?!

Well yes, we started off purely as an IT service provider, as time has gone on we have been asked for numerous other services such as websites and more recently search engine optimisation.

As with all of IT Assist’s services, we never actually offer them until I am satisfied that we are not only delivering a quality product but we’re also doing more for our customers than anyone else.

We’ve very recently started to offer SEO services. Our packages start from £499 and we even provide you with guarantees that we’ll get you on page one (who else offers guarantees for SEO?).

We do all of our SEO in-house (no outsourcing or farming out to other countries), we use premium, industry leading tools to ensure both on-site and offsite content is accurate, we build high quality back link profiles, we use our website developers to fix website code errors and we even employ professional writers to ensure your content is perfectly optimised for Google’s algorithms.

I realise that whilst our service is great value, not everyone can afford to run to this expense. This article is aimed at those people.

I will give you the knowledge & tools to be able to boost your own rankings, but beware, this isn’t a quick job, it assumes you have some technical knowledge, a basic understanding of the internet/Google/SEO and you should still be prepared to outsource certain aspects unless you’re exceptionally multi-talented.

Note: SEO is extremely complex, with so many ranking factors to cover in a single post. I will do my best to cover the main points, but you may need further research to fully understand the technicalities of each section.

In this article I will be focusing primarily on Google’s search engine as it accounts for around 85% of UK search traffic.

This article will cover a lot of areas, so much so, I will provide you with a contents section for easy navigation below:

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Half Board or All Inclusive?

Sorry, no, I’m not talking about holidays…rather an analogy of how I view the current standard of IT service offerings versus the offerings from IT Assist.

You see I’ve worked extremely hard to put IT Assist in a position where our service offering is in an entirely different league to our competitors.

All of our customers benefit from an all inclusive service, which in the long term provides a more stable IT infrastructure, reduced and predictable IT costs, better security and much more.

Below I’ll touch on a few key differences, these include (but aren’t limited to):

Proactive Monitoring

If you currently have an IT provider, I’m sure they’ve made you aware that they proactively monitor your devices around the clock, allowing them to find faults before they happen. The scary truth about this is that some providers are not doing this at all and the ones that do, generally use monitoring systems that require parameters/thresholds to be manually configured and only if the computer falls outside of these parameters are alerts generated.

Running a system of mixed computer types and specifications, running different software with different user habits can make this almost impossible to proactively monitor with any real accuracy.

This is where we differ, we utilise state of the art, AI (artificial intelligence) technology with our monitoring software, meaning it learns the thresholds of each computer automatically and becomes increasingly accurate as time goes on.

Proper Documentation

I challenge you to ask your current IT service provider for a copy of your site/network information and administrator passwords. I have seen, more often than not, very very poor and outdated documentation from our competitors. What happens if that IT company closes its doors? Who knows about your current IT configuration?

As a business owner myself, this is something I consider to be extremely important. We keep organised, structured and current documentation on all of our clients IT infrastructures and we use a secure password management system, where the data is stored on an encrypted drive. We typically send a copy of this out early in the agreement so the customer has a copy, but customers can request an up to date copy of this at any point during their agreement.

Unlimited Support

Some of our competitors are offering “unlimited support” too, but typically this is limited to remote support, meaning that in the instance you need a site visit, they will invoice you for the call out. Not without it’s limits then, is it?

Personally, when I’m paying for a service agreement, I want to know that I am covered without the worry of additional charges. I took this stance with our unlimited support and as such we are truly unlimited, be that remotely or onsite.

Response Times

Let’s face it, when you need support you generally need it immediately and don’t want to have to wait for a callback in an hour or two.

I can’t speak for our competitors first hand, but many of our customers have told us how impressively fast we are by comparison. Generally speaking we fix issues in 30 minutes or less.

Security Software

Unless your computer is entirely isolated from the internet and shared data, security software is an essential part of computing. If you have a computer, you need anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and so on. This is often an additional expense to your IT support costs and one that is often overlooked.

Costs of security software vary, but I think an average cost of £5 per pc, per month is a typical and fair cost for security software. Assuming you have 10 computers, that’s an IT expense of around £600 per year, additional to your support costs.

How would you feel if I told you that we can save you that cost? We believe that security software is essential for all IT systems, and as such we provide leading Endpoint Protection for all your systems as standard at no extra cost.

My Personal Availability

Are you able to easily speak with a senior authority or director at your current IT service provider?

I personally, am extremely customer service focused and this is very much the lifeblood of IT Assist. My vision is for IT Assist to be the best IT service provider. Period. This is why we offer more and work harder than our competitors.

With that in mind, I ensure all of our customers have my direct mobile telephone number and email address.

Final Thoughts

With those key points in mind, let me ask you, when it comes to your business, would you rather be half board or all inclusive?

If you want to find out more or even just need a second opinion on anything IT related, please feel free to drop me a message or email me directly:

Facebook Introduce This New Tool

Facebook has begun changes to it’s privacy tools which may be down to the recent controversy which saw 50 million users of the social network have data shared for political advantage.

The update will not actually change the sites privacy policies and what data it gathers about you, but will provide an easier method to alter the previously hard to use privacy and security settings.

Even though the change comes amid the scrutiny over Facebook for harvesting data, they claim that these changes where already planned prior to the scandal to ensure compliance with new EU rules.

Related image

Facebook Recently Wrote In A Blog Post:

“Last week showed how much more work we need to do to enforce our policies and to help people understand how Facebook works and the choices they have over their data. We’ve heard loud and clear that privacy settings and other important tools are too hard to find and that we must do more to keep people informed.

So in addition to Mark Zuckerberg’s announcements last week – cracking down on abuse of the Facebook platform, strengthening our policies, and making it easier for people to revoke apps’ abilities to use your data – we’re taking additional steps in the coming weeks to put people more in control of their privacy.

Most of these updates have been in the works for some time, but the events of the past several days underline their importance.”

January saw Zuckerberg losing $3.3 Billion due to the changes he implemented in to Facebook, this is because the less data people are willing to share on the site means the advertisers who buy the data see it as less valuable.

What are your thoughts on the scandal? Let us know!

Billionaires Pays To Have Brain Uploaded Online

I know what you are thinking, sounds great for Sam Altman? well not entirely as the process and preparations will inevitably end the billionaires life so that his brain can be uploaded.

Altman who is only 32 is currently on a 25 person waiting list at the start up company Nectome who are the ones promising that they can upload human brains to a cloud. The procedure is known as ‘eternal preservation’ and will require him to go out in a process similar to physician assisted-suicide.

The companies co-founders are aiming to preserve brains down to the last microscopic detail thanks to a high-tech embalming process. The process requires your brain to be turned in to glass, but the company uses the term vitrifixed.

The whole process could be very useful for people who are suffering from terminal illness and want there brain to be preserved forever. Sam Altman said recently: “I assume my brain will be uploaded to the cloud. There is a lot of philosophical debate, but to me a simulation is close enough that it’s worth something. And there is a much larger humanitarian aspect to the whole thing. Right now, when a generation of people die, we lose all their collective wisdom. You can transmit knowledge to the next generation, but it’s harder to transmit wisdom, which is learned. Your children have to learn from the same mistakes.
That was fine for a while, but we get more powerful every generation. The sheer immense potential of what we can do increases, but the wisdom does not.


The company made it’s intentions clear after the Co-founders spent several weeks staying in an AirBnb in Oregon, to buy the body of an elderly woman, they managed to preserve her brain after just 2.5 hours which means that even though the tactics they use may be very creepy, they still know what they are doing!

Would you ever consider having your brain “turned to glass” and upload to cloud so that it may live on forever, or do you feel like it is too strange?