Why Choose Us?

Honest & Reliable

Highly motivated and driven, we focus on fixing problems as fast as possible and keep you updated every step of the way.


We really care about our customers and can often be found working out of hours to make sure everything is perfect!


We offer total customisation and tailor our quotes to your requirements. You only pay for what you need.


We constantly monitor your systems, so we can resolve issues quickly and efficiently, before they cause problems.

No Jargon

We won’t confuse you with technical spiel. We use plain, honest language that everyone can understand.

Cutting Edge

We’re always learning about the latest technological breakthroughs, keeping us firmly at the forefront.

Proactive Managed
IT Support

As one of South Yorkshire’s leading IT providers, we know IT systems are a crucial part of business, the more efficient and effective your system – the more successful your business. Simple as.

We strongly believe that computer errors and system faults should not blight the smooth running of your business. It’s our job (and we are passionate about our job) to ensure that your systems remain healthy and efficient, giving you total confidence and peace of mind.

Sheffield IT Support

Website Design

A quality website should be usable, good looking and engaging for your customers. It should accurately reflect your company in every way and ultimately help increase enqiuries.

We know, as one of South Yorkshire’s leading web agencies, what people look for in a site and what can be used to benefit your business. From planning to production, rest assured our in house experts will deliver your perfect website.

Web Design Sheffield

Cloud & Hosting

“The Cloud” is a means of storing and accessing data and services over the internet.

So instead of having your files and programs run inside your network, they are stored somewhere else in the world.
We offer a wide range of cloud services, some of which are detailed below.


What Our Clients Say

Strenth Positive

Strength Positive

"The IT Assist team went above and beyond to help not only setup my website, but also educate me in the simplest terms on how to have the most effective web presence possible. From my experience, that is what sets IT Assist above any other company I have dealt with. They genuinely want to help."


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